10:00 – 11:30

Recovery Boiler Safety

Session Chair: Aaron Ferris, Irving Pulp & Paper
  • 10:00 “Around the Table” Part 1 – Roundtable discussion on Incident Reports, Mill Safety, Near Misses, Energy Savings, Operations, and Training”
  • 10:30 “Around the Table” Part 2 – Roundtable discussion on Incident Reports, Mill Safety, Near Misses, Energy Savings, Operations, and Training”
  • 11:00 “Around the Table” Part 3 – Supplier Updates presentations”

Environnement -Table Ronde (Français)

Session Chair: Marie-Noëlle Watts, Resolute Forest Products
  • 10:00 “Mesure d’urgence: comment réagir à un  événement en environnement”, Dan Ouellet, Urgence industrielle Dan Ouellet inc

11:30 – 12:00

Networking and Tradeshow

12:00 – 13:30

Shutdown Management Roundtable

Session Chair: Andre Murphy, CKPI

With one season of major shutdowns/turnarounds behind us, what did we learn?

Including the following points of discussion:

  • Any operating issues encountered due to delays in dates, changes in plans, lack of on-site specialist, delays, etc.?  What mitigation plans did you put in place to assist with dealing with COVID-19 changes?
  • How did you manage your specialist/vendor interactions, virtual visits?  Was it effective?  What went well?
  • The “new” way of doing business – how has this changed your Shutdown/Turnaround strategy going forward?
  • What when well with your last outage?  What would you do different this coming shutdown/turnaround season?

Recovery Boiler Technology

Session Chair: Aaron Ferris, Irving Pulp & Paper
  • 12:00 “Technical Merits of Reclaiming Green Liquor Dregs to the Chemical Recovery Cycle in Kraft Mills”, Moise Dion, Mercer Peace River
  • 12:30 “Environmental Footprint Benefits from Optimized Boiler Treatment Case Study”, Grégoire Poirier-Richer, SUEZ – Water Technologies & Solutions
  • 13:00 “Improved Recovery Boiler Operation – Role of Research”, Nikolai DeMartini, University of Toronto

13:30 – 14:00

Networking and Tradeshow

14:00 – 15:30

Recovery Boiler Technology

Session Chair: Aaron Ferris, Irving Pulp & Paper
  • 14:00 “Fire Side Additives”, Jijo George, Polyrheo
  • 14:30 “Review of ESP Subcommittee Learnings from Reported Incidents”, John Andrews, ESP Subcommittee
  • 15:00 Summary Discussion and Wrap-Up

Environment - Roundtable

Session Chair: Emmanuelle Gervais-Cadrin, Resolute Forest Products

How to Manage Environmental Due Diligence on a daily basis, Mariko Maya Khan, Partner Sheahan LLP, Environment and Litigation

Responsibilities and obligations of company officers are at the base of sound corporate governance. Their application has been at the centre of many debates in the past couple of years and their guiding principles have been scrutinized in several important cases and instances. These notions and their application will be reviewed through recent examples to help administrators gain better understanding of their importance and impacts.

Fiabilité - Table ronde

Session Chair: Alain Pellegrino, Laurentide Controls

Votre mission, si toutefois vous l’acceptez, est d’augmenter le taux de rendement global de votre usine, de manière responsable et sécuritaire, dans un environnement de pénurie de main-d’œuvre qualifiée. Ce message s’auto-détruira dans cinq secondes…

Mission impossible ? Est-ce que la transformation numérique (industrie 4.0) fait partie de la solution ?

La transformation numérique a pour but d’augmenter la fiabilité et la productivité de votre usine, impactant ainsi les bénéfices de l’entreprise. Il est prouvé qu’une usine fiable fonctionne à moindre coût, tout en réduisant considérablement les risques d’accidents de travail. L’objectif de cette table ronde est de partager ce qui se fait présentement dans l’industrie des pâtes et papiers, les bons coups et les pièges possibles, dans le but d’identifier des opportunités qui auront un impact significatif sur vos opérations et qui contribueront à la réalisation de votre mission.

15:30 – 17:00

Networking and Tradeshow

* Please note all schedule is set on Eastern Time
** BIOFOR program will run in parallel with the Technical Sessions