10:00 – 11:30

Papermaking session

Session Chair: Justin Charron, Irving Paper
  • 10:00 “Wet-End Ventilation in the Packaging and Board Industry”, Lawrence Yane, Enerquin Air
  • 10:30 “Methods of Controlling Dryer Drainage”, Mike Soucy, Kadant Johnson Systems
  • 11:00 “Better Understanding Water Removal Dynamics Using Advanced Microwave Technologies”, Bernard Bigras-Denis, Cristini

Management session

Session Chair: TBA
  • 10:00 “Problem Solving or Improvement Kata – Which approach should be used for which types of problems?”, Martin Carignan, Différence GCS
  • 10:30 “Reinvent your Digital DNA and Shape the Future of Pulp & Paper”, Gaurav Helaiya, IBM
  • 11:00 “Quality on Demand in a Board Mill”, Johannes Kamstra, Siemens

11:30 – 12:00

Tradeshow Opening

12:00 – 13:30

Energy session

Session Chair: Bahador Bakhtiari, Natural Resources Canada
  • 12:00 “Alternative Gaseous Fuels for the Lime Kiln “, Allan Runstedtler, NRCan-CanmetENERGY
  • 12:30 “A review of site-wide energy analysis methodologies used in the pulp and
     paper industry: 2020 is not 1980 “, Alireza Moussavi, Polytechnique Montréal
  • 13:00 “Energy optimization Best Practices in Pulp and Paper Mills “, François-Johan Chassaing, Contrôles Laurentide

Bleaching session

Session Chairs: Rohan Bandekar, Noram Engineering & Michael Doucet, BTG
  • 12:00 “Impact of Ozone Bleaching on Effluent Discharge”, Alexis Métais, Xylem Inc.
  • 12:30 “Statistical Process Control to Identify and Rectify Process Variability”, Hazel Babu, Domtar Dryden
  • 13:00 “ISOFLOT White & Black Liquor Oxydation System”, Rohan Bandekar, Noram-Eng & Constructors Ltd
Jean-François Tremblay, Deputy Minister, Natural Resources Canada

13:30 – 14:00


“Canada’s Forestry Industry – Impacts of COVID-19 and Recovery Strategies”

Véronique Proulx,
CEO/PDG, Manufacturiers et exportateurs du Québec (MEQ) and
Senior VP – Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters (CEM)
Kevin Anderson, VP Pulp Operations, Canfor Pulp

14:00 – 15:30

Tissue Making - Creping & Converting Efficiency

Session Chair: Daniel Ricard – FPInnovations
  • 14:00 “Importance of Selecting and Using Crepe Blades”, Denis Martin, Kadant Canada
  • 14:30 “New Insights into Tissue Creping Mechanics”, Srikantha Phani, UBC
  • 15:00 “Using Simulation to Increase a Tissue Converting Line OEE”, Vincent Béchard, Différence GCS

Reliability session - Pulp and Paper Reliability Best Practices Case Studies

Session Chair: Alain Pellegrino, Laurentide Controls
  • 14:00 “Online Monitoring of Pulp & Paper Mill Equipment Health and Performance”, Mattieu Berlinguette, LaurentideControls, co presented with Irving
  • 14:30 “Mill Reliability Case Study”, Elsa Cantu, John Crane

15:30 – 17:00

Networking and Tradeshow

* Please note all schedule is set on Eastern Time
** BIOFOR program will run in parallel with the Technical Sessions