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Gil Garnier, Monash University  (Australia)

09:00 – 10:00

BIOFOR Keynote

Session Chair: Paul Stuart, Polytechnique Montréal

“Added-Value BioProducts Engineering Plant Biomaterials for Advanced Manufacturing”
Gil Garnier, (Director BioPRIA), Monash University  (Australia)

09:30 – 10:00

Networking Break

10:00 – 11:30

Papermaking - Advances in Papermaking Technology & New Grade Development - I

Session Chair: Shaune Hanley, Resolute FP

  • 10:00 “Improving Layer Purity with Aqua Layer Technology”, Petteri Halme, Valmet North America
  • 10:25 “Energy Savings Associated with Implementation of Advanced Consistency Meters on Paper Machines”, Lawrence Yane, Cristini
  • 10:50 “What is the purpose of a desuperheater and why are they important?”, Mike Soucy, Kadant
  • 11:15 “The Benefits of Thermal Spray Covers for Papermakers”, David Williams & Kevin Wilson, Valmet North America
  • 11:40 Discussion & Q&A

11:00 – 12:30

Mill Managers SAFETY Roundtable (closed session, by invitation only)

Session Chair: Eric Ashby, VP  Manufacturing, Domtar Fort Mills

Roundtable on Safety better practices.
Challenges and initiatives from each mill followed by open discussion

Eric Ashby, VP  Manufacturing, Domtar Fort Mills

12:00 – 12:30

Networking and Lunch Break

12:30 – 14:30

Energy & Information Technology / Systems

Session Chair: Bahador Bakhtiari, Natural Resources Canada

  • 12:30 “Digital Decision Support Tools for Improved Control Systems and Energy Efficiency in P&P mills”, Hakim Ghezzaz, CanmetENERGY
  • 13:00 “Successful implementation of Digital Twin technology on energy systems”, Benoit Janvier, Enero Solutions
  • 13:30 “Energy management systems”, Peter Bassett, EPS & Francis Fournier, Kruger
  • 14:00 “Achieving the best temperature control for your Steam Turbine bypass system”, Malte Madeheim, HORA/Armour Valve

Management and Analytics

Session Chair: Martin Carignan & Dominic St-Onge, Différence GCS

  • 12:30 “A Case Study on Creating Plant Wide Enthousiasm about Operational Excellence”, Annie Quevillon, Kruger Products & Martin Carignan, Différence GCS
  • 13:15 “Process optimization through predictive modelling, making it work”, Vincent Béchard & Dominic St-Onge, Différence GCS

BIOFOR - PANEL on UBC's BioProducts Institute: Innovation for Added-Value Products from Biomass

Session Chair:  Orlando Rojas – UBC

  • 12:30 “The Bioproducts Institute creating impact in the pulp and paper sector, from biotechnology to biorefineries”, Orlando Rojas, Director of the Bioproducts Institute, University of British Columbia
  • 13:00 “From bio-products to applications: Looking deep into wood and fibers”, Johan Foster, NSERC Canfor Industrial Research Chair in Advanced Bioproducts, University of British Columbia
  • 13:30 “The Energy Reduction in Mechanical Pulping Program: new approaches to innovation”, Daniela Vargas Figueroa, Research Program Manager, Energy Reduction in Mechanical Pulping, University of British Columbia
  • 14:00 Panel Discussion with the speakers : “Industry-focused programs to support the development of biobased innovations/technologies along the pathway towards impact/commercialization”

14:00 – 14:30

Networking Break

14:30 – 16:30

Tissue Making - Tissue 202

Session Chair: Jessica Carette, Cascades

  • 14:30 “Forming and Structure Tissue”, Pierre Brunet, Andritz
  • 15:00 “Tissue Chemistry”, Lucyna Pawlowska, Kemira
  • 15:30 “Creping Process”, Shawn Hickey, BTG
  • 16:00 “Tissue Converting and Embossing”, Paulo Lazzareschi & Gianni GambiniGambini Group


Session Chair: TBD

  • 14:30 “ Collection Handling Systems of NCG Non-Condensable Gases in the Modern Softwood Kraft Pulp Mills”, Kirsi Hovikorpi, AFRY
  • 15:00 “The Future of Refining: Automation for Final Product Quality”, Patrick Dixon, PULMAC
  • 15:30 “Fibre Morphology of different Softwood Species and Their Impact on Kraft Pulping and Paper”, Theodore Radiotis, FPInnovations

BIOFOR - PANEL on BC Pulp & Paper BioAlliance: "best bet" biorefinery technologies

Session Chair:  Orlando Rojas – UBC

  • 14:30 “Introduction and The BioAlliance as a best bet for collaboration in the Canadian pulp and paper ecosystem in the global context”, Orlando Rojas, Director of the Bioproducts Institute, University of British Columbia
  • 14:55 “The BioAlliance model, how all started and what lays ahead for the benefit of the industry”, Davis Chiu, Paper Excellence, Director of Innovation at PEC, Acting Head of Carbon Strategy for the PE Group
  • 15:20 “FPInnovations successful experience in the BioAlliance: From lignin to PU foams”, Michael Paleologou, Senior Scientist, FPInnovations
  • 15:45 “Renewable Natural Gas project as example of translation from the lab for the benefit to the industry”, Xiaotao (Tony) Bi, Director, Clean Energy Research Centre, University of British Columbia
  • 16:10 Panel Discussion with the speakers : “The “BioAlliance” between FPInnovation, the BC Government, UBC’s BioProducts Institute and the Forest Industry as a model to create a world-leading R&D bioeconomy environment

16:00 – 17:00


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