PAPTAC wishes to thank the following individuals for their great input in shaping a timely and comprehensive program for PaperWeek 2022

Papermaking Program

Jacques Perrault

Senior Engineer, Papermaking
Cascades CS+

Marie-Noëlle Watts

Directrice générale Usine Dolbeau
Produits forestiers Résolu

Javad-Reza Saberian

Senior Advisor, Product Diversification
Kruger Inc

Fréderic Parent

Research Leader/Engineer

Bleaching Program

Mona Henderson

Business Manager

Tissue Program

Xuejun Zou

Manager - Chemical Process

Energy Program

Bahador Bakhtiari

Senior Process Engineer
Natural Resources Canada

Serge Bédard

Team Manager
Natural Resources Canada

BIOFOR Program

Marzouk Benali

Natural Resources Canada
BIOFOR Conference Chair

Paul Stuart

Montréal & EnVertis Inc.